PT_Academy specializes in protective and rehabilitative physiotherapy for professional athletes and everyone who prefers an active lifestyle regardless of age and occupation.

We are team of physiotherapists who are also active sportspeople and trained specifically in sports physiotherapy.

We treat everyone with the care and conscientiousness we provide for professional athletes.
Your health, fitness, comfort and wellbeing requires a coordinated wholesome care. We collaborate with an extensive network of verified professionals including physicians, equipment providers, personal trainers, dietitians and prominent sports clubs to provide the best care for your individual condition.
Everyone who runs, cycles, swims or exercises regularly benefits from regular control of a physiotherapist to maintain a healthy performance level and prevent further damage in case of a preventable weakness.

We help athletes build power and agility before the race, add an extra layer of protection against injuries, increase their peak performance, and reduce recovery time to get back in the game faster and stronger.

We are based in Istanbul at 3 locations and travel extensively to national and international events to provide physiotherapy for professional teams and sportspeople.
Based on the level and nature of your individual conditions our help includes:
– Measuring and evaluating body posture to identify potential problems
– Building up muscle agility and power in a balanced fashion
– Improving performance limits in a sustainable way
– Helping you recover from a race or extensive exercise
– Reduce pain with specific treatment of underlying cause
– Rehabilitation after a serious injury, operation or accident
– Training about how to take care of your body for long-term active lifestyle

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